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Laminate floor, bamboo floor, timber floor and vinyl floor are the major type of floor boards currently used in the household and commercial area. Laminate floor are made by the wood fibber and laminated with high quality design paper. The main advantage of laminate floor is the low price and the resistance to the scratch. The main drawback of laminate floor is the fake look and hard feeling when you step on it.

Bamboo floor emerge into the Australian market about 10 years ago, and becomes more and more popular nowadays. Customer are admired by its unique looking and the feeling while you are walking on it. The price on bamboo floor boards are higher than laminate floor boards, but less than timber floor boards.

Timber is the classical material which has been used for floor boards in decades. People who select timber floorboards enjoy its natural feeling and variety of patten. The most disadvantage of timber floor boards are their price. As the control of the harvest on forest, fewer and fewer timber are released on the market to make the timber floor boards.

Vinyl is not a very new product on the market, however, it has been used in very limited area before. The newly designed loose lay timber floor boards having great look of real timber floor boards. The greatest thing of vinyl floor boards is the waterproof feature, which means vinyl plank can be laid in wet area.

Customer should bear in mind that there is no 100% waterproof floor boards existing on the market. This means that the any floorboards will be damaged by water, if you are using water to wash the floor. We recommend that you use vacuum to remove most of the dust and use damped cloth to mop your floor. This will remove most of the dust on your floor. If there is some hard stain on the floor, such as oil spill, milk drop, you can use some vinegar diluted into the water and use it with damp mop to mop the floor.

As nowadays the floorboards, including laminate, bamboo, timber and vinyl floorboards, are pre-finished into the factory, and the installation type is click and lock system, you can use the newly laid floor boards straightaway after it has been installed. What you need to wait is in some edging area, a bit glue will be used to fit the finishing trimming and scotia. You need to remove the paper tape after 24 hours.

Bamboo floorboards are very popular on the market nowadays. People are amazed by its great looking and hardness rating. Some people think the bamboo floorboards are toxic because the made of strand woven bamboo floorboards are from glues and the bamboo strand. Actually this matter can be resolved by searching the superior supplier with high quality bamboo floorboards. iFlooring seeks to the right product to our customers. We can provide the local certificate of formaldehyde to show that the emission rate of our bamboo floorboards meets the Australian Standards.

Customer should know that there is no scratch free floorboards on the market. We can only say there is level of scratch resistance floorboards. The capability of scratch resistance from top to bottom is Vinyl > Laminate > Bamboo > Timber.

As we have mentioned in the Q2, there is no 100% waterproof floorboards on the market. The use of water will be sooner or later damages the floorboards. However, there is a difference between different type of floors in terms of water resistance. The level of water resistance from top to bottom is Vinyl > Laminate > Timber > Bamboo.

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