Resi Plank SPC Pewter

Vinyl Floor / Resiplank SPC 855

The Terra Mater Collection of ‘life-inspired’ flooring continues with introducing flooring’s latest revolution - Resiplank Rigid Core. Resiplank Rigid Core is 100% waterproof and has 20 unique colours. Resiplank Rigid Core is already the most talked about new flooring amongst industry insiders. Manufactured using a proprietary ‘co-extrusion’ technology, Resiplank Rigid Core has the most stable and waterproof core of any flooring worldwide.

A big claim which is justified by test results and the skillset of our engineers when directed to develop a waterproof, stable flooring to meet everyday needs of everyday consumers. While our formula for Resiplank Rigid Core is a proprietary secret, in general terms it’s success is a result of blending specific stone powders and vinyl polymers together and then extruding as a continuous sheet of Rigid Core PVC. Design excellence is one thing, but translating that ambition into a practical use solution is always a challenge.

The Resiplank Rigid Core design philosophy is synonymous with that of our company, Terra Mater - driven by passion for product excellence at all stages of a product’s lifecycle.

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