Swish Country Caramel Oak

Oak Timber Floor / Eco Flooring Swish Oak Floor

Oak has been a traditional flooring material used for centuries throughout the world.  Oak flooring is desired for its longevity lasting more than 100 years. 

The Swish Oak Flooring range comprises of multidirectional constructed engineered boards that provide all the benefits of being structurally robust.  This assembly increases the boards’ resistance to expansion and contraction from changes in humidity and temperature reducing warping or cupping.  Hence these engineered boards are superior to solid oak flooring in both durability and stability. 

Fabulous attractive wide 220mm planks create the impression of a more spacious interior, whilst adding a sophisticated, warm and inviting feel to your environment. 

All Swish Oak Flooring come pre-finished thus there is no messy and timely on-site sanding or staining required.

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